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Hi everyone,

We are planning to move to HCMC in the next month or two and really concerned about the public transport like taxi, scooter, cyclo & buses.

We are thinking of renting a home in D9(cheaper but far) or in D2(expensive but closer) to work.

I have done numerous research in the internet and they don't sound safe and good. Are there (non embassy connected) expatriates driving their own car from home to work ? Is it worth hiring a private driver ? As I heard, HCMC is not cheap to live unless you want to live like most of the citizens ?

Car lease with driver is not practical for me because my work usually requires beyond 8 hours per day and I would not want my driver sleeping whilst I will be paying for his time just waiting for me.

I am however considering the taxi option. Here in Taipei, it is very easy and safe to get one, anytime of the day and night. I am used to efficient and good public transport commuting from home to work.

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

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