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Wanted: Studio Apartment in Dist 7 (Ho Chi Minh City)


My husband and I are very new to HCMC and this forum. We are looking to explore HCMC as a residence. We are in need of a small studio apartment for 2 people with a full kitchen in District 7 for an affordable budget and duration would be 5 months. The reason we chose district 7 is because there are two gym or fitness center options in that area that would fit our needs.

What would be your recommendation to search for an apartment in HCMC? What do we need to do or need to know or what to watch for when renting?

Any suggestions would be great. I have searched online and have emailed the real estate agents but no luck in getting responses. I've read that it's better to go to HCMC then look for an apartment while in the city.

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