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Why I can help you in your business in Vietnam? (Ho Chi Minh City)

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Hi. I’m Khuyen. And I’m here to tell you why I can help you in your business in Vietnam.

First, I’m not doing this alone, I’m creating a team to support me in different aspects: doing research, find information, visit actual place, legal-law, translation
In different places & region: Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Da Nang and so on.
They have different education, talent, experiences & skills set.
I’ll tell you about them in one of my next posts.

Second, I’ve been working with 9 business people since March Protected content . They come from different nationalities, like: American, Israeli, French, Filipino, Turkish, German and mix of Israeli American, Nepalese American, Vietnamese French.
In different businesses: art-based entertainment business, service for baby, water treatment, garment, Information Technology, bamboo, training & management, machinery.

In which, I’ve been to different places within Ho Chi Minh city as well as outside of Ho Chi Minh city, like: Nha Trang, Da Lat, Vung Tau.

I helped them to translate, interpret, print business card, make slideshow, do research, visit actual places, find apartment for rent, go to industrial zone, go to forest to look for bamboo, contact to supplier & buyer.

Third, I’m original from the North of Vietnam. I’ve studied & worked in Hanoi for 5 years, then I lived in the Philippines for 2.5 years, so my geographical profile can be helpful for you. As well as, I understand the advantages & disadvantages of being a foreigner.

Fourth, I have been learning to enhance myself in all aspects of life which will be helpful for you in your business. I learn how to do research better, I learn about relationship, business relationship, how to understand people, how to approach people & how to market myself properly.

And tell me, what information do you need more to make decision in working with me?

By the way, I’ve created a Google form for you to send me your inquiry about your business.
I’ll reply you within 24 hours with some initial information. Guaranteed.
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