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2nd 5 from 25 ways to success right now ! (Hong Kong)

As next week Wednesday I will be travelling please find the next 5

6. Keep learning new things. Learning is what keeps us excited about life. Your mind has an almost infinite ability to take in knowledge. Why not learn to play a musical instrument, take a new technology training , or pursue an artistic interest? It’s never too late to learn something new.

7. Smile at everyone. A smile can light up a single heart, or a whole room. It’s a wonderful free gift you can give to anyone who looks your way. Contribute to the bank of happiness, smile.

8. Practice listening. If we are really listening we will always hear more than what we already know ! . Try to hear the meaning behind the words without presuming you already know.

9. Inspire , give and help others . Life can be pretty hard at times and a little encouragement from you can help others feel more confident and capable. Help them out when you can. There are hundreds of ways to inspire , give and help. Not only can something as simple as a smile or kind word can change somebody else’s whole day, but their response can change yours.

10. Find reasons to laugh. With the right attitude we can find humor almost everywhere. Laughter is powerful medicine, so laugh often. Learn to laugh at yourself, it’s liberating. When we take ourselves too seriously life becomes a struggle. Again, let it go.

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