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Advice on finding jobs in HK (Hong Kong)


I'm currently working as a corporate lawyer in London. I'm due to move to Hong Kong in March with my fiance who is being relocated with his work. I am looking to move out of the legal profession into either a marketing/business development role or teaching. I have both an English degree and a Law degree but no formal teaching qualifications (although I have some informal teaching experience). I cannot speak Cantonese (although would love to learn while I'm over in HK!) I have applied for a number of jobs but in almost all cases I haven't received a response. Does anyone have any advice about where is good to look? Does anyone know whether it is generally easier to find work while out in Hong Kong? I have applied for a holiday working visa as a precaution to ensure I can stay in Hong Kong for a year so I at least have some time to find a job. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


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