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Apartment Rental (Hong Kong)

Hello All,

I have a potential job to be based in HK, within the next month or two.

However, I want to gather some information regarding the rental market in HK before I make any considerations. Hoping all of you currently living in HK have enough experience to give me some feedback/insight into the local practices, issues and things I should avoid, etc.

I will not be getting a fancy expat package, so no housing allowance or anything, therefore I have a limited budget. I only need a studio or small 1BR, as I would only be moving there with my wife.

I've looked a bit on the web, I guess areas like Central, Causeway Bay, North Point, Wan Chai appear to be good locations to be (any suggestions would be appreciated).

What is the average rent in these areas?

Is there any agent fees or commission that I would be expected to pay up front?

What is the typical practice with deposit, etc, with landlords in HK?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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