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Bulgarian Rose Oils (Hong Kong)

Essential organic oils, including 100% pure certified Bulgarian rose oils from the Valley of Roses, available for export from Bulgaria at preferential prices.

Please get in touch if you're interested.

Sample selection:
- Rose Water /hydrolate/
- Lavender Water /hydrolate/

- Lavender Oil
- Rose Oil – Otto

- Sage E.Oil /Salvia officinalis/
- St. John's Wort EO /H.perforatum/
- Chamomile, German EO /Matricaria Recutita/
- Chamomile, Roman EO /Anthemis nobilis/
- Zdravetz EO /Geranium macrorrhizum/
- Pine Needle EO /P. silvestries/
- Milfoil /Yarrow, Green EO /A. millefolium/
- Milfoil /Yarrow, Blue EO /A. millefolium/
- Melissa Oil – Lemon Balm EO /Melissa officinalis/
- Juniper Berry EO /J. communis/
- Dillweed EO /A. graveoleus/
- Hyssop EO /H.officinalis/

- Olive Oil /Olea Europea/
- Almond, Sweet Oil /Prunus dulcis/
- Apricot Kernel Oil / Prunus armeniaca/
- Jojoba Oil /Simmondsia chinensis/
- Hemp seed oil /Cannabis sativa/

- Beeswax /Genus apis/
- Calendula Oil infusion /Calendula officinalis/

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