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Hello InterNations,

My name's Acton and I have recently moved to Hong Kong. I'm currently looking for new personal training clients. Back home in Canada, I worked at Goodlife Fitness (one of North America's largest gym franchises) in addition to running my own personal training business. During my stay in Hong Kong, I'm looking to continue helping others reach their fitness goals.

As an avid American football player and competitive bodybuilder, I specialize in speed, strength, and agility training. In addition, I also specialize in individual muscle group training to help you achieve the lean, ripped, and sculpted physique you’ve always wanted.

Individualized meal plans also available!

10 sessions = 750HKD/ hour
20 sessions = 700HKD/ hour
30 sessions = 650HKD/ hour

- Canfit Pro (Personal Training Specialist) Certified
- Goodlife Fitness Personal Training Institute (GLPTI) Certified
- CPR level A
- Certified nutritionist

For further inquires please email: Protected content

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