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CNY Gift habits in Hong Kong Business

As Chinese New Year is coming, let me tell you something about the customs and habits in Hong Kong Business.

When it is close to the CNY period, companies would send fruit hampers or gifts to their business partner companies as a appreciation for their good work with them in the whole year.

However, according to my experience, fruits are difficult to keep for few days and easy to damage on delivery. Also, there are too many fruit hampers received, many companies waste many good and expensive fruits every year.

Interestingly, I see something new in Hong Kong here.
The delivery of Cookie Gift Set

The merits are,
Less damages for the gift but also good for just a donation to charity as they can keep long and are packaged.

If you are new to Hong Kong and your company are going to have this traditional Hong Kong Business custom, you may give them this suggestion.

Currently, I saw a internet cookie delivery shop.

CNY Cookie Gift Set
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You may take it as your reference.


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