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Today I was going to explore the so-called "occupied" area, Mongkok, where was full of fascinated fun and good food.
However, as this is a tourist area, I noticed something which may be important to us, the people living in Hong Kong.

I have observed that many tourists buy bottled water from the street or convenient stores when they need to drink. Thus maybe I think much part of the rubbish to be recycled but not handled are created by tourists. This is because local people like us can always bring pet bottle and eco-bags ourselves, but tourists will normally not do it. This should be an important point I think.

However, how can we tell these passers-by to put these garbage to recycle box and reduce consumption of the related products? Or will it be possible that people in the whole world are going to be environmentally conscious?

These are all the questions we need to consider for our future garbage handling policy.

This is just my thinking.


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