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EXTRAORDINARY PHENOMENON with ALL the COMPASS in the HK City found DISORIENTED in different degrees.

DEAF can HEAR Voices-speeches & BLIND can SEE EMR-Images insides their BRAIN Involuntary with No-Escapes in anywhere of the city.

Several 'Inhumane-Unnatural-Suicides' are HAPPENINGS all around the worlds and found the 'NEUROScience Radiating Technologies' as CAUSES.

CONFIRMED the hk city is in the perpetuals Exercisings in of Advancings NEUROSciences Radiating Technologies("ELF Minds-Invasives Weaponry-Technologies" Ref. US Patent : Protected content Protected content Protected content Protected content ..................)along with the city Top-Policing facilitatings. (as Top as the Deputy Commissioner of Police of Operations).

WHEN, the REMOTE-NEUROTech have the Functionings of delivers Airborne Techno-Electromagnetic-Stimulus-Waves-Frequencies(the Synthetic Telepathy)in of Vital direct Intrusives STIMULATINGS of Humans BRAIN to acquired the Non-Consensual Conditioned-Sets of 'BIO-NEURAL-MENTAL-PSYCHO-PHYSIO' Effects Outcomes of from every individuals in the city in Subtlety (the Effects-Density to persons depends on stages-conditions and Bio-Physio dependent), via giant Microwave Antenna array at for the commercial broadcasting(ALL compass in every spot of the city found Disoriented with degrees, due to the Abnormal EMR Power Effects).

AND Couplings with Satellite the Unapproval Health-Impacts Electro-Holosonic-Surveillance over Girls & Males citizens the most PRIVACY obsessives with no any missings, espionagings individuals Intellectual Properties and Non-Publics materials with populations as a whole.

WHILE, the REMOTE-NEUROTech-Transmittings in of X-Hi RADIATION dispersings in Atmosphere with the hk observatory recorded lowest 1,300 mSv/Hr Protected content over the Human Absorbtion Per Hour Limit. Std. : 0.23 mSv/Hr), the most recent medical-science research(Bio-Electromagnetic Research)conducted jointly by US, Ukraine, Finland and Brazil proved the EMR Exposures leads to long term Health-ILL, Dermatitis, Premature Brain Degenerations, the high risings of various types of TUMORS, MERCURY releases from dental amalgam-fillings and HEAVY METAL TOXICITY insides body-brain also have been COUNTED in to the EMR Exposures effects-symptoms, and also the effects of ANXIETIES. Illusions, and DEPRESSIONS also are listed into the International Health-Studies over EMR Exposures. AND the susceptibilities of EMR Exposures for CHILDREN is 40% HIGHER than Adults.

MOREOVER, the scientific-facts quoted in a hk English-Newspress(South China Morning Post d.d. Mar.30, Protected content the Astounding High Level of CANCER-CAUSATION Radiation measured in the city in the rang of 0. Protected content mSv/Hr., and is Just 40% Lower than the Japan 'Abandoned-City' which near the Fukushima Nuclear Leakages sites measured.

DECAYINGS effects to Structures Atomic materials Infusings, Yeasts bacterials Logics, and the Metallurgy-Fatiques, Electric and Fumes Fires hazards, WORKINGS-STATIONS-REFLEXIBILITY, and the Drugs-Interacting effects, Wildlife and Trees Health-suffers, Condensed-Air-Pollutions Atmospherics.

WHERE, the Techno-NEUROTelemetry-Waves-Effects of anywhere in effectings Deep-Overlayings LIFE-LIVINGS-FREEDOMS, SAFETIES and HEALTH-Genetics of the whole populations of the city, and in the Pavilion-Victimizings to the next generations, and in of the Extremely Hamperings to the Society & Publics Safeties and Orders, the on-job-persons WORKINGS-GAINS, ECONOMICS FINANCES DEBTS, and JOBS-CAREERS-UPWARDS, and in the ABSOLUTE Denouncings ALL CITIZENS RIGHTS the Necessary SOCIETY-PUBLICS-HEALTH-NEEDS, the JUSTICES-AFFLUENCES, and the Tremendous-Deprivings of INDIVIDUALS PEACES-MENTAL-STATE-MINDS-ABILITIES, and Social-Economies expansions, and in the Blatant Violations of the International Law of the HUMANITIES.

(Ref. Materials : "US Electromagnetic Weapons And Human Rights"--Global Research ca/"Psychotronic Weapons"--Science Journal/"Microwave Bioeffect Congruence with Schizophrenia"--Dr. John J. McMutrey M.C/"Biological Effects of Narrow Band Pulsed Electric Fields"--IEEE/"Long Term Microwave Exposures Relationships with Cognitions and Hippocampus Activities"--BioMedical & Environmental Science/"High Power RF Weapons A Threats to Stealth and Cruise"--US National Defence/"The Effects of Microwave to the Trees & Wildlife"--Alfonso/"The Sensitivity of Children to EM-Fields"/"Universal Human Rights"--UN. Protected content Kong Justice And Microwave Beam Radiation"--Google & Yahoo Search/"Targeted Individuals International" & Gang Stalking And Mind Control in Hong Kong"--Facebook Web Pages. ALL Materials can be browsed on the Internet). ( A bit more info in my Facebook Wall & Blogs).

IN PRINCIPLES, I am the prime 'Electro-Brain-Interfaces-Targeted' individuals in the city #Targeted Individuals, since my ex-girlfriend was succumbed to SUICIDES by the 'Electro-Telepathy-GangSatlkings' ..................... Cont'd. in my Facebook Wall. THANKS.

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