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Could the unthinkable happen here again ?

The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit the city on 13th February Protected content its epicenter in Shantou in China where it measured 7.2.

Hong Kong government website ensures us that next earthquake of such magnitude could happen within the next Protected content .

Well, to rely on the information above we should keep in mind that the counting already started nearly Protected content ago and that official records of measuring earthquakes began only in the early Protected content . Since than a total of Protected content have been felt in Hong Kong

( Protected content ).

Have you ever heard about a book available in Hong Kong libraries by very experienced seismologist Ian Mc Feat-Smith called:

"Epicenter: Hong Kong"

Could the 5 local earthquakes with epicenter Hong Kong since Protected content by HK gov. website - have anything to do with the warning of Hong Kong people by Ian Mc Feat-Smith in his "science fiction" book?

Protected content

The answer is DEFINITELY YES.

But many lives could be saved if our authorities in Hong Kong do here at least what China's authorities already did to prepare and protect their people in Shenzhen and Macau.

Hong Kong is totally unprepared, ignorant and indifferent to the warnings from increased seismic activities in South China Sea and from various experts - even from its own universities's scholars !!!

The biggest concern of the local government is Hong Kong GDP and not the HONG KONG PEOPLE …

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