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Guided Hikes in Hong Kong

IF YOU KNOW HONG KONG ONLY as a metropolis of concrete canyons and neon signs, the notion of hiking here might seem as ludicrous as clubbing at the North Pole or skiing in the Sahara. And yet, Hong Kong is a marvelous place for hiking. Together with Global Citizen, Gecko Adventure* will take you on a trail hike you will never forget.

Hong Kong Island boasts some of the best trails, which are especially good for anyone wanting to give hiking a try. We will take you and your friends on a unique hike off the beaten track, lasting two to three hours, and show you some scenic spots you never thought you'd be able to see on Hong Kong island itself.

Choose from one of the following hikes depending on your availability and fitness level.

NIGHT HIKE: Venture into Hong Kong's rainforests by night to discover hidden trails and to enjoy amazing nights views of Hong Kong just below. Suitable for all levels. Wednesdays Protected content

HISTORICAL TRAIL: Discover WWII historical landmarks from the time of Hong Kong's Japanese invasion hidden in subtropical rainforest. Suitable for all levels. In English and French. Tuesdays Protected content

SCENIC STROLL: Explore one of Hong Kong's most scenic, lush countrysides. Stroll along this trail that skirts rolling hills looking down on the azure sea. Suitable for all levels. In English and French. Fridays Protected content

ADVENTURE RUN: Venture into Hong Kong's rainforest to discover hidden trails, enjoy the scenery and get a good two hours strenous workout . Advance level. In English and French. Wednesdays Protected content

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