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Hostage in Hong Kong


My name is Dominic Jermano having come to Hong Kong just before the National Holiday on Sept 28. I came to renew my China Visa. My home is in Nanning Guangxi for the past 10 years. I am an Honorary Citizen of Nanning.

I am trapped in Hong Kong now 20 days, no money and your Immigration people on the Hong Kong side will not renew my Visa. I have been forced to sleep on a bench at the Central Plaza Park in Wan Chai, across the street from the Immigration Building.

I am from America, but renounced my citizenship in Protected content after the Protected content attack, because I believe the attack was done by my government, not foreign terrorists. If need be I will seek Political Asylum.

My English teaching job ended after 10 years, and my Chinese boss would not pay my Labor Compensation. It would have to go to China Court. Since I had no job, the Visa Bureau would not allow me to get a new Work Visa, until they knew the decision from the Court in my Labor Arbitration Case.

There were 4 L Visa extensions, because the it took the Court 7 months to come to a decision. I won both Lower and Higher Court Decision.

The last L Visa extension from Nanning Bureau , said I had to leave Nanning and renew the Visa. They said I could go to Vietnam or Hong Kong. I chose Hong Kong, because I figured I was not leaving China, because Hong Kong is China. Also Nanning Visa Bureau did not tell me all the things I needed before going to get my new Work Visa.

So when I got here on Sept.28, the Hong Kong Immigration said I needed some further document letters from Nanning Government. Upon trying to return to Nanning to get them, the Immigration would not allow me to return to Nanning to get them.

I returned to the Hong Kong Immigration and asked them to renew the L Visa again so I could return to get my documents, but they refuse to renew my L Visa, claiming there were too many L Visa extensions. I told them that they were this way, because I was awaiting the Decision from China Court. And since I am not allowed to get my new Work Visa until they know the Court Decision, means I was without money, and could not renew my Visa.

The woman in charge of Hong Kong Visa, refuse to listen to me, I suspect because she is so overwhelmed with so many other Visa applications to deal with.

I am writing to tell you, that Hong Kong Visa Bureau should help me return to my home in the Mainland, because I really don't want to be here. I don't want to stay in Hong Kong, or even consider living here.

Please help me to get back to Nanning. It is quite unbelievable that no one is offering to help me here in Hong Kong, after 20 days trapped knowing no one. I can't get a job here in Hong Kong to care for myself, so this is a terrible problem Hong Kong is putting on me, by not giving me my Visa.

I have been in China 10 years, and never had a Visa problem before. And because I follow the China Law which I am required to do, I am forced to stay in Hong Kong against my will.

My HK tel: Protected content

Will you help me?

Mr. Dominic Jermano

I wrote about this to South China Morning Post, and they called me. They know the problem. Also some boys came in the middle of the night when I was on the Central Plaza Park Bench and asked me the trouble, and gave me a brochure about street sleepers, but I am not a street sleeper, and can not qualify for help because I am not a Hong Kong resident.

What is truely disheartening is no matter where one, goes, they all tell you where you can get help. You are no different. All you people who claim to help people, don't. All you do is tell them where to go.

Really . If Hong Hong has such a big problem with unemployment in it's City, and the inability to care for it's Elderly, and Kids for going to school, how in the hell do you think any place any where is going to help me?

And I mean help, such as getting back to my home in Nanning. That means getting the Immigration People to allow me to return to China.

I am not in charge of the doings of the Visa Process, yet when they make a mistake they want to blame me.

Who protects people from the abuses and corruption in the Immigration Bureau?

Just last night while sitting on my lonely Park Bench, I decided to look through my Visas in my old passport book. This book has all the Visa's I have had since coming to China in Protected content , 10 years ago.

And I will tell you , when I came, and had my Job in Nanning, my Boss at the School always took care of the Visa. I was never asked to go to the Visa Bureau, or do anything. They took my passport and about a month later gave it back to me, saying everything is ok for another year.

Well looking through it, I see I have no Visa entry for the years Protected content 2004. So where was I? I didn't leave China, so how is this possible to be given further Visa renewals from that time that is not even recorded, and was never thrown in jail, or charged late fees? How is it the case?

I will tell you, you have no idea, you don't know. Also ya think anyone else knows? Absolutely not. And so who do I see about fixing my current problem? Who in the China Government can help me here.

That is the issue really. And if there is no one, then that is a serious problem, and someone needs to get the Government to do something about that.

Again I went to the LDS Church and asked them for help, but you know what? The Church President threatened to call the Police on me, if I caused disturbances there. He also gave me no help, and playing the same game as everyone else does here, in telling me where to go. Not very Christian if you ask me.

And so I am still a hostage in Hong Kong.

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