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Is Genius Born or built ? (Hong Kong)

Is Genius Born Or Built ? Evolution or Revolution?

How much of your success is in your DNA? How much of it comes from skills that you can learn? Are we born into entrepreneurial success or can you shape your destiny simply by choosing to be successful?

Here’s the expert’s verdict!! The Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Amy Cosper, wrote this week on the subject ‘Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made’. She says “We can all agree there are several types of entrepreneurs: startup, serial, those who flip other people’s companies and those who start nothing but buy companies and make them better.”

Julian Lange, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson College, adds “Some people don’t want any risk, and some are always looking for risk… I have seen many different people become entrepreneurs with very different skill sets and at different points in their careers. I think it would be hard to make a bet that someone is not going to be an entrepreneur based on their skills and proclivities or at a particular point in their life. The exceptions prove the rule again and again.”

Got the idea? The expert opinion is that all types of people at all ages seem to get successful in all types different ways. The rule is there are no rules! Failures become successes. Your past performance is no indication of your future success.

You might find this encouraging. But it also doesn’t give much direction. My conclusion is that our natural path to success is part nature, part nurture. You were born a genius. We each have a unique genius, and when you focus on your genius you find your natural path in life.

You need to find your genius which is the overlap of your (passions , talent/skills (strengths) and beliefs) and combining it with the value you can create for others and the society you can find your"sweet spot of life " .

I have developed a training that is called " How to Create Value and Make Money with your Passions" and I will start workshops sometime in may after completion of a few workshops related to "Discover your Passions and create whatever you choose"

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