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job in finance- no mandarin/cantonese (Hong Kong)


Hi all,
I've been thinking about moving to HK, in fact i have already booked my is the field i'm interested to get into, I have about 5 years of experience and depsite being a CFA charterholder, I'm mostly middle-office type (damn recession)...
Now, I've been told that nobody is hiring after September which doesn't sound too good, but also I have read that these days mandarian/cantonese is a must to land a job in finance especially if you are somewhere midlevel in your career (yes, this is me)
Does anyone know of any stories that would give some hope? I've been out of work for 1.5 years (my choice, travelling the world) but now I'm eager to get back into employment asap, i'll be going crazy otherwise so im thinking perhaps i should give up on HK and try eslewhere where I would have a better chance...Thanks!

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