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Just settled in to HK; looking to meet up (Hong Kong)

As if the title of this thread wasn't a dead give away, I'm a pretty fresh face around here: only landed two weeks ago and have JUST gotten set-up around here, from getting my ID card to going through every tedious hour of my job's orientation. Now that I'm relatively settled (excepting a few amenities that will come in time), I'm looking to start meeting people and finding out what, exactly, there is to do in this city that the guidebooks aren't going to tell you about (and by that I'm not referring to anything illicit; more those restaurants, sporting events, concerts and areas that the guidebooks pass over in their attempt to appeal to tourists).

So, as to the latter, does anybody have anything in particular they'd recommend? Any favorite local bands, concert venues, bars, restaurants, or areas that are off the beaten path?

And to the former, would anyone be up for meeting to have a drink or a meal over the next week? I'm free all of tomorrow and all of Wednesday, then am free again Friday after lunch until the weekend's up.

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