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Living in Lamma Island (Hong Kong)

Hi All

I'll be moving to HK at the end of next month to work in HK Central area. I'll be working in healthcare setting so the pay is adequate but not excessive.

I was looking at housing options in HK area and all seem eye-wateringly expensive.

A friend who lived in HK suggested Lamma Island and thank to Mr Google, I did some research and it seems ok.

Has anyone any advice or information on housing costs and availability. I'm not fussy and happy with a reasonably compact 1 bedroomed apartment.

I work from 1-9pm Mon to Fri and wondering about the ferries. Google maps puts the ferryport a 15min walk from place of work and there is a ferry at 9:30pm and hourly to 00:30am. How regular are the ferries and how much in a monthly season ticket.



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