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Living Tips: Spending in Hong Kong


This is Jonathan, an original from Hong Kong.

I know many friends coming from other countries and staying in Hong Kong only a few weeks, several months or 1 year for short period of study or work.

Some of their living may be arranged by their companies or schools. However, some of them have to take care of themselves from living basics to all the living necessities.

One of their problems first encountered may be the purchase of every necessity from tiny little things to large and important needs, with handling of the local Hong Kong currencies after they have just reached. Coins, Notes, changes, banking, all these stuff may drive them crazy or they just hand in large notes every time and get lots of lots of coins back, which they will not carefully count and use in later time.

However, with the advancement of technology on payment and development in Hong Kong. There are actually many places which accept convenient electronic payment, like Apple Pay here.

Below are some examples of shopping or eating places which accept Apple Pay.

Supermarkets (for buying most of the necessities, like food, drinks, beer, alcohol, household products etc)
- Park’N Shop
- Wellcome Supermarket

24-hour Convenience Stores (for example, for purchase of cigarettes, beer, drinks, snacks, newspaper, etc)
- 7-Eleven
- OK Stores

- Maxim MX
- McDonald

You’ll then just have to clear the debt of your credit card (in your own country) once a month, by internet banking or autopay etc.

There will then be no need for you to manage too much “foreign currencies” before or after your return to your home countries.

The above are only some of the examples and these are the tips in hopes making you living easier for a short period in Hong Kong.

Wish you enjoy Hong Kong!

Jonathan (^_−)−☆

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