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Looking for a job in HK! (Hong Kong)

Hi everybody!

My name is Sami, I’m from France and I’m 29.

I’m looking for a position in Finance (Middle Officer or Front Office assistant) but I'm also interested by opportunities in other fields like Business Development and Import/Export.

I have a master’s degree in Finance and I’m fluent in English, French and Arabic.

My education gave me the opportunity to have several training course and to work in different sectors as finance (2 years), import/export, sales and recently entrepreneurship (2.5 years). Those jobs brought me lot of skills in finance, communication, selling, negotiation and computer.

Today, my objective is to start a new career this is why I decided to try my luck in HK. As I’m looking for a position in finance or business dvpt, HK was for me one of the best places to build my career, discover new cultures and other ways of thinking. I really want to learn new things, stay and succeed in HK, and maybe in few years, I hope to drive my own business!

Thx for your help and advices!


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