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Looking for a job or business opportunity!. (Hong Kong)

Good day everyone,

A new visitor to this site
I am a highly skilled professional with a very good resume, who left my full time job due to personal reasons 3 months ago.
Since the past months I have been aggressively looking for a job again, only to find that its next to impossible to get one because I don't read or write Chinese!
How odd with this requirement when everything else can be easily googled and translated!!..Is HK employers for real!!.would have thought English as a first medium should be thought of highly but i see this is not the case
I am essentially a Customs Broker dealing with international cargoes so anything to do with international trade and logistics I am the person to come to for advise, duties/taxes/free trade agreements/trade measures/trade programs etc..
Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome this barrier, apart from spending time on learning the language and then applying?

Would appreciate any tips. Very frustrated with this situation..please help a fellow aussie mate from the land of down under..AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI!!

Thank you everyone!

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