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Many Thanks Local Scouts Uwe & Jasmin (Hong Kong)


Hello Hong Kong InterNationals!
I posted last week about my upcoming trip to HK, which was Thurs-Sun.
Also asked directly to a list of Local Scouts.
Uwe and Jasmin replied with some really good information that helped a lot in guiding and providing confidence in our first visit.
It was quite nice to go somewhere with good infrastructure for a change!
Pretty much checked off all tourism and business goals, discovered something not listed in our guide book, a really nice couple of streets of vegetable and food stalls, and a building of more of them, plus lots of restaurants, just a block from our hotel! The main street was parallel to Morrison Hill, maybe it;s a well-known market, but I didn't see anything online, in print, or on a map.
ATMs were no issue at the airport, MTR worked fine, we got a nice city map at the airport MTR counter.
About the only downside was no Bus map evident anywhere, so we walked a bit more than we wanted to on some days.
All in all quite good, thanks again to Uwe and Jasmin for the help!

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