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MMM International Society (Hong Kong)



I would like to share with you something, what came from Russia NOW to Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal. For OPEN MINDED people it is something incredible!!!

I am participant of MMM international society in Hong Kong. When I have been studying more about it, I became very interested. Why? The history started Protected content Russia, MMM is not a company, MMM is not a business. There is no boss or owner in MMM. MMM is a international socially oriented society. It is free and self regulated system. MMM is a Community of people who are changing the world.

MMM is a global mutual aid fund. There is a website of MMM and the virtual accounts are created on that website just as the tools so that people can help each other voluntarily. Sergei Mavrodi is the master mind and founder of MMM. His role in MMM is to monitor and guide the system with new innovations for financial welfare of the global people.

The ideology is about helping each other. MMM was created to help all the general mankind, make them free from current financial slavery induced by a limited so-called bankers pyramid organization. The global goal of MMM is to collapse the current unfair banking pyramid and change the world together into a better place to live in and maintain social harmony and peace.

MMM can exist forever if everyone understand the concept of MMM - “Give if you can, Take if you have to”. In MMM System, everyone gives help to others and also get helped whenever he/ she needs, and again gives help to others happily; never ending cycle of helping each other. Financial apocalypse would happens if there is financial crisis and people panic to sell Mavro.

There is the virtual currency called "Mavro" of the system. Mavro can grow from bonuses. The rate of purchasing Mavro is the flat 0% but selling is up to 30% per month. The minimum deposits in Hong Kong is HK$500 and the maximum is HK$7,700 at this moment.

My Feedback about MMM:
MMM system was introduced to me in the month of July Protected content I provided the Help HK$7,700 and in the same month I got the Help HK$9,240. I am happy with it, I love MMM system, I continue with it and I provide more help to others.

A usual participants can get up to 30% bonus per month from his/her deposit money. Besides, a participant can get more instant profit as sponsor bonus and managerial bonus by inviting more people for to deposit money to help other needy people in this system. Members should help other members financially only and they get helped whenever they have to, but they should help with their free money only. In MMM system everyone gives help to others and also get helped. Share MMM to your friends, because Referral bonus is the bonus earned from the direct referrals; it is 10% of their deposits while managerial bonuses are generated from the unlimited levels of referrals. Percentage managerial bonuses starts from 5%, 3%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.25% and 0.1% onwards of the deposit money of downlines. All the bonuses are not guaranteed, but if transactions are confirmed then they will be paid out. They are given to the leaders and managers for their efforts to look after and support their downlines and hence promote the MMM.

Do not forget about this!
There are no investments in MMM. There are no business activities. There are no any purchases of stock shares, no any relationship with the stock exchange professionals. You are not buying or selling any products here.

For ore information feel free to contact me.

Thank you

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