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My view on Universal Suffrage Movement in HK (Hong Kong)

I have just gone thru' the news about the Universal Suffrage Movement in Hong Kong these months.......

By using my simple way to comprehend the whole event....
according to definition of universal suffrage -

"Universal Suffrage" means
Suffrage for all adults who are not disqualified by the laws of the country..

Yes! for the laws of the "country", not any I think there should not be any wrong between the Hong Kong SAR Government and any parties...

Further, with my observation on the whole event from media, what the protestors did can be summarised as follows:

1. expressing the right of a citizen to show disdain to the power of police force and Hong Kong Governement

2. fighting for "Universal Suffrage"?? but I am suspicious..if they really meant I only heard about "真普選", which is not a normal Chinese language I am familiar with....and I heard some political parties use "true democracy" for its English translation instead... Target is vague and I don't know what they are doing actually..

3. building art expressions in the protesting area...well, what was the true aim in this movement?

4. turning the protesting area to be a self-study area...Umm.. what they were doing?

5. Protestors made use of students aged below 18 to challenge the bottom line of Legal system and Police Force.

6. Protesting area expanded to 3 areas

7. Environmental Protection data was collected. Again, what is the original aim for this movement?

8. Even the protestors caused losses to some transportation companies, they expressed their act was correct. The losses of these companies were their own responsibilities. How ridiculous it was!

9. The mode of economic activities was changed in the protesting area.

It looks like the original target as said has not been achieved.

What did they do?
I just pieced up all parts of event....and see it looks like something is going to be wrong.....


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