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New Public Facilities in Mongkok @Hong Kong

When some of our members are wandering around in Hong Kong, say Mongkok, if they suddenly have a need to piss or poo? (Sorry, it's a serious and practical question.), what can they do?

They may need to ask the staff of the MTR to borrow the use of toilets or be forced to make purchase in some restaurants for the convenience to use the toilets. And I am afraid not all the Starbucks in Hong Kong do have toilets to provide the services....

Blessed by MTR and HK SAR Government, there are public toilets built in Mongkok Station (Paid Area) and Prince Edward Station (Paid Area) of MTR, after 30 years when the MTR service was first launched in Hong Kong.

So when you are in Mongkok, or the areas close by, and you may have some urgent physiological needs, I am sure you can have an answer to help you to solve.

Cheers & wish you go on enjoying Hong Kong.


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