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Peer-to-Peer Money Exchange Mobile App - Swop (Hong Kong)

Hello to all travellers!
A small group of us have just launched Swop, a mobile application that all allows for foreign currency exchanges between people of different nationalities, walks of life, you name it. It has ZERO transaction fees and FREE for download. The exchange rate is mutually agreed between you and the exchanger!

As avid travellers (as you will be in this group set), have you ever:
1) Made your currency exchanges at the airport because it's convenient, thinking its not alot to lose, only to realize much later, that you could have paid for that coffee or beer with that change whilst waiting for your flight; or
2) Spent hours at the computer/mobile, sourcing for the best airfare and hotel deals, only to unknowingly/carelessly fritter away the savings on currency exchanges; or
3) scour through blocks of exchange offices on the day of your travel, only to realize none of them has the currency you were looking for; or
4) walk through rows of exchange offices looking for the best rate for your travels but it's still far off from what you'd seen on Yahoo or Google's indicated rate; or
5) be pressed for time during lunch hour, and realize the exchange office with 'the slightly better rate' had a queue that would have made your retired grandma weep?

We absolutely understand the pain and if you identify with the above as well, do give our mobile app a try!

Its available in the HK iTunes Store for download and we look forward in welcoming you to our travel community!

Check us out at the following links:
iTunes Store link: Protected content
Website: Protected content
Facebook: Protected content
Twitter: @swopfx

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