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Dear Fellow Expats,

I have lived in and out of Hong Kong for the past 6 years, never staying more than Protected content at a time. As you all know, this makes it impossible to join a big fancy gym. But those mega gyms are overrated anyways. Why would I want to spend my work day cooped up at the office,only to head over to an overcrowded mega gym? Half the people don't put their weights away!

In come my heroes... Elite PT and Bootcamp HK. These two companies have joined forces to provide the ultimate in nutrition, health, and fitness: wherever I am in Hong Kong! If I can't make my personal training session with Alex or Nate over Aberdeen (it's so relaxed over there!), I can get my Boot Camp training done at over 6 locations across Hong Kong.

These guys really work with MY schedule and they make sure I'm supported at all times. (I went on a business trip, and they gave me a new Rip:60 trainer to take with me! They know how to push!)

This expat run company truly knows how to treat it's customers. I can not stress enough, how important this is when choosing the right place to train.

Your friend in health!


PS. Their PT studio is pretty stylish too! And they have a huge balcony for tanning!
PPS. Tell Nate you were referred by me, and he will hook you up!

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