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Questionaire about group events on InterNations (Hong Kong)

Hi guys,

I'm The Weekenders group consul.

I would like to ask a few questions so I can plan better events for everyone. so hopefully you can spare a few minutes :)

1.How often do you like meeting new people in a group setting? eg. once a month, twice a month, more, less?

2. What size groups/events do you like attending and why?

3. What types of events do you like? eg. drinking, eating, drinking and eating, dancing, learning something eg. show you how to..., casual events in someones home, small bars, large clubs etc

4. thinking about the previous 3 questions: what is your price point for different events? and what do you expect to get for that eg. entrance, free drinks etc

5. how do you feel about prepayment for events? do you trust the organisers with your money, is it a hassle to transfer deposits or full ticket prices before hand or are you happy to do it to ensure a good event, other thoughts?

6. do you like bring your own bottle/food events or do you prefer to just arrive and have it all organised?

7. what events have you been to so far that you really enjoyed?

8. pros and cons of any events you have been to so far?

9. any ideas for particular events that you would like to see done, want to attend?

10. what areas are convenient to travel to, what travel times are you happy to do? (this will vary widely for people of course) eg. is 1hr travel too much for something different/unique?

11. how far in advance you you like to see events planned eg. 1 week, 1 month, 6 months etc

12. any thoughts/points you would like to add :)

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