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questions before moving to HK! (Hong Kong)

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I are moving to HK and need some info. He works for an Italian fashion company and they asked us whether we would be interested in moving to HK to work on the Asian part of the business. We will start negotiating the expat package next week, but wanted to inform ourselves properly before.

Could anyone help us with the questions we have:

Expat package
Could you advise us on which elements we should try to include in the expat contract? Housing allowance, health insurance, tickets back home etc.?

- In which neighborhood(s) do expats live and would you recommend us to live in? We would like to live in a safe area close to public transportation, stores, supermarket, restaurants etc. (we are a couple of 32 years old, no kids yet). If possible we would like to live relatively close to the centre of the city.
- How much would a 3 room unfurnished apt cost in this neighborhood? What is the average price of a decent apt?

Living Costs
- Are the living costs in HK more expensive than in Europe?
- What is a decent average expat salary in HK for a senior?
- Is health insurance expensive?

Since I will be moving with my boyfriend, I would like to work in HK too.
- Is it possible to find a decent job in a company in HK if you don't speak Chinese?
- Is it hard to get a work visa?

Thank you so much for your help. We really appreciate it!


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