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Recruiting tutors !! Come and join us ! (Hong Kong)


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Do you need a tutor? Did you ever think of tutoring?Welcome to the launch of TutorSpotter!Tutorspotter is an online marketplace designed to connect students with tutors. The platform allows students to easily find their ideal tutor and helps tutors manage their schedule, curriculum, and payments. This helps students focus on learning and tutors on teaching.TutorSpotter is really easy to use. If you're a student (or the parent of one), you can specify what you're looking for and read reviews shared by other students. We verify and approve every tutor account before it becomes available on our website and allow tutors to build the credibility of their profiles by connecting them to their social media accounts. You can learn about each tutor's teaching style, education, & work experience, view verified introductory videos, and review their badges and accomplishments. If you can't find the right tutor or don't have the time, submit your lesson and have tutors contact you and bid. TutorSpotter is and always will be free for students.
Would you like to be a tutor?

your free TutorSpotter profile and get started! There are no
subscription fees -- TutorSpotter only gets paid when you do! And
unlike so many tutoring platforms that take huge commissions,
TutorSpotter tutors keep up to 94% of what they charge.

are a core part of TutorSpotter and we are especially grateful for
tutors who join up with us during our launch period. Tutors who signup
and create their free accounts between now and October 31st, Protected content
be recognized on the Tutorspotter website with their own TrailBlazer -
Original Tutor Badge .
This badge will entitle you to free access to certain paid features
and give privileged advanced access to new functionality before they go
live on TutorSpotter. We're working hard to make TutorSpotter Hong
Kong's premier tutoring resource, and hope you'll join us early-on in
this path!

Please let us know if you have questions or if we can be of assistance.

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Very best wishes,
The TutorSpotter Team

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