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Remote Financial/ Customer/ IT/ PA services (Hong Kong)

Do you need help with your customers around the world? Do they need (technical) support when you're not available?
Are you struggling with a lot of data in Excel? Do you need your worksheets to do complicated calculations and yet to look tidier and more user friendly?
Are you looking for specific information about specific market/ field? Are you looking for connections in South East Asia?
Do you need help with data/ analysis of the stock market?
Need help with translation?

Contact us and we can give you a service in English, Hebrew and Thai. We have a phone/ email/ various messaging apps/ Internet camera at our disposal.
With many years of experience behind us and while keeping our customers satisfied, we offer our services with a mindset of accuracy, reliability and speed.
Feel free to let us know what you need and we'll see how we can help you, whether it's a project or a long term service.

Lior Weiss
Business analyst

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