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Ruth Siu Personal Project - Invitation (Hong Kong)

(If you are from Mexico/America/Egypt/Ukraine or know anyone from these countries, please read the following message, thank you!)

Dear friends from Mexico, America, Egypt and Ukraine,
I am Ruth Siu, a Grade 10 Student from the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

Each student is required to create their own personal project. For my personal project, I hope to help people become aware of the significance of food in fostering cultural influences and international relationships. I hope to unite and to create a bonding amongst representative countries in the world in order to show how an insignificant contribution from each country participates in forming a noble and purposeful result.

I have designed my own “Universal Recipe” that incorporates 12 different representative ingredients of 12 countries, including your country (Mexico/America/Egypt/Ukraine). I will be holding a tasting conference for representatives of the 12 different countries to attend as I will be cooking this recipe as a dish to serve for each representative as a way to convey my message.

I sincerely invite you to attend my tasting conference as the representative of your country (Mexico/America/Ukraine/Egypt). This personal project is not simply an assessment or task I have to complete as a student, but also a strong and impactful way of spreading the importance of food in establishing international relationships. The representative of your country is very significant in determining the success of my project in terms of spreading my message.

During the tasting conference, each representative will not only be able to taste this universal recipe, but will also be provided with an opportunity to interact with the representatives from all 11 other countries on my list. I hope to convey this message and serve this dish to all representatives during the conference as all 12 countries are crucial in fostering international relationships and cultural influences between countries, as well as this recipe I have created.

If you are interested and considering my invitation, the proposed date will be December 9th Protected content , please indicate whether you are available on any or both of these dates. The tasting conference will be held at 4 pm on the chosen date, the venue will be in further notice. The tasting meeting will not consume too much time as it will not exceed 1 hour.

Please consider my invitation, thank you for your time and help.
Look forward to your favourable reply.


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