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Samsung phone repair in HK (Hong Kong)

Hi all,

I'm going to arrive in HK tomorrow and one of the first things I want to do is get my phone repaired. I have a Samsung S2 4G phone, about 12 months old from Australia. I've been overseas for almost a year and many months ago the camera app (and other camera apps) stopped working. Things being the way they are in Australia, to get it fixed isn't easy. They won't give me an opinion on the most likely scenario, nor an approximate quote and may eventually say it can't be fixed.

I'm thinking maybe there is a place in HK that does repairs quickly and cheaply, if it's possible to fix it. If they look into it and decide it's not possible, then it needs to be in a way that someone in Sydney wouldn't know it has been 'investigated'.

I'd prefer to leave my phone with someone for a few hours and pay a bit for the repair, than leave my phone with Samsung for two+ weeks in Australia and possibly pay more money. I'm sure there will be a reason why I need to pay.

Of course, the repair place in HK needs to be reputable and have someone who speaks English. Can anyone help?

Huge thanks.

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