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Share: Chinese Herbal Tea (涼茶)@HK (Hong Kong)

When I talked with my friends from Western countries, they are always curious about why Hong Kong People like drinking the "black bitter soup" or Chinese Herbal Tea at the street. I think it may be a bit of medical use but the most important thing is we can have an excuse to stop and have water supplement and a little bitterness to refresh our mind while we are busy working or walking in the street. You know, if an engine is always working too hard, it must be very very hot! And we need to "cool" it down for a minute to keep it working! My friends! YES, Chinese Herbal Tea is sometimes called "Cool Tea" in Chinese.

However, sometimes I may not see Chinese Herbal Tea Shop everywhere. I will therefore bring my "Chrysanthemum" to make my herbal tea in restaurants which can provide hot water. To me, it's nice and economical! Protected content

Tip:Don't speak out (I don't mind laughing at tho) their excuse directly, or they may be embarrassed and think you mean they are not hardworking! haha..



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