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Using a Phone in HK for 6 months (Hong Kong)

Hi everyone!
I'm going to be moving to HK for six, possibly up to 9 months starting next month and am looking for advice on what to do or get as far as cell phones and/or plans.

I will be coming from the US and the plans my current provider has are not all that great and will not get me any data. Not so much concerned with phone minutes as I know I can Skype with my family back in the states but do want to be able to have data to use while I'm there (around 5gb/month) and make local calls, plus WiFi connectivity capabilities. Would be great if it was a smart phone also to take photographs.

I have heard mixed things already: bring an unlocked us phone off of contract- my question is will the Sim cards in HK allow me to make calls along with data?

And have also heard to just buy a phone when I get there but not looking to spend a ton of money and also do not want to get locked into a contract since I will be there short term.

Thanks in advance for everyone's advice!!

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