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Why did it happen? War & Violence in Universities. (Hong Kong)

There has been news of word violence over the university campuses in Hong Kong.

Many people, including those in universities and most in the public felt shocked and disappointed by the acts of these students, they are investing with their valuable efforts and resources in hopes of building a brighter future for Hong Kong.

According to the information and news these few days, it looks like the situation is going worse and the war and violence atmosphere is even under fermentation, bringing a much serious crime or movement soon. I am not sure if the yeast was from the arrest of the young activists of Social Movements like Umbrella Movement, etc.

However, what universities should do and focus from now?

We have to think about why these young persons who give serious wrong acts appeared in your universities. Why did you allow them to be there when they applied for your universities?

The answer is simple: Your recruitment systems for students are not good enough. Like applying for jobs, the recruiters do not only have your school certificates to consider for their positions, but also your personality, social conducts, etc……

Therefore I think what we can do in coming futures, may be focusing on how we make a better recruitment systems for students in our universities.

In my mind, universities are places for the top quality persons studying together, becoming the future elite of the society. I hope it’s still and so is in their coming days too!

"What goes up, what comes down"


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