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Young graduated working in HK : some questions (Hong Kong)


I recently graduated & I have the opportunity to work in Hong-Kong for a Belgian subsidiary over there. It's a gigantic step for me and I will soon sign my contract. Here are a couple of questions I hope somebody could answer.

- Since the rent is quite expensive in HK, the company provided me with a list of properties in Yuen Long. I've googled the area but I would like to hear from you : what can you tell me about this location?
- Depending on the flat I will choose, the rent will be between 6k & 7k5 $ ; how would you rate that?
- What should I expect salary wise since I will have to pay for nearly everything (rent included) / What should I ask for? (I'll be in charge of different things marketing & foreign business related)

Thank you for your time.

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