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Housing & Accommodation in Hong Kong

Expat life confronts you with the task of finding a place to call home time and time again. No matter if you have just arrived in Hong Kong, are looking for a new place in the city, or decided to stay for good, you need a good understanding of the market for housing and accommodation in Hong Kong.

Of course, you also need to get acquainted with the city itself before settling for a place to stay. Choosing what part of town is the right one for you depends on a multitude of diverse factors – availability of everyday amenities, closeness to your place of work, or, if you have children, having schools nearby are often deciding factors. You should also not forget that some parts of Hong Kong are among the most densely populated residential areas in the world; not everyone is comfortable with this.

Hong Kong’s Housing Market: A World of Variety

Luckily for expats, the range of available housing options is almost every bit as diverse as the factors to consider when choosing a place. No matter if you would like to rent an apartment for the entirety of your expat assignment, are looking for temporary accommodation, or chose to join the ranks of homeowners in Hong Kong, you will surely not face a lack of options here. Just to give you a general idea, some of the more popular options include studio apartments, multi-bedroom apartments and townhouses, or standalone houses in exclusive parts of town. Hong Kong is also home to a large number of serviced apartments of various sizes and levels of comfort – in some of the better ones, you might feel as if you are living in a high-class hotel. With that said, however, many of the more luxurious apartments and houses will be out of range even for well-to-do expats: housing in Hong Kong can get rather pricey, to say the least. Rest assured, though, that you will get to enjoy the level of comfort you are used to (or have come to expect) even if you are shopping around for housing in the medium price range.

Settling in Hong Kong

Needless to say that before you sign any kind of contract, you should have at least some level of knowledge about your rights as a tenant, the average range of rent prices, which fees you might have to take care of, and what kinds of services are usually included in your tenancy agreement. This applies both to tenants opting to rent, as well as future homeowners. You should also make sure to take care of all the utilities you need to live a comfortable life in your new Hong Kong house or apartment. Find out who is responsible for signing you up with electricity, water, and (if needed) gas providers, and get an overview of which providers are actually available to you.

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