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Universities in Hong Kong

While Hong Kong is a popular expat destination, it is also a great place to pursue higher education. There is a variety of universities in Hong Kong with great study programs. This guide will tell you more about tuition and fees, admission requirements, and the application process.
The City University of Hong Kong is only one among many institutions of higher education in Hong Kong.

The universities in Hong Kong have recently developed excellent reputations both within Hong Kong’s borders and beyond. The University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in particular were awarded top spots in international university rankings. Furthermore, the government is currently devoting a lot of its attention and resources to strengthening the country as a regional education hub. Therefore, universities in Hong Kong might be a more than reasonable choice if your children want to pursue a college education while your family is staying in Hong Kong.

Altogether, there are 13 universities in Hong Kong and other institutions of higher education to choose from, all of which offer internationally recognized degrees to their students. Hong Kong’s university degrees include Bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate degrees, with both research-based programs and post-grad courses. Although their total number is still relatively small, more and more foreign students are choosing to attend one of Hong Kong’s universities these days. Most university programs are taught in English, so there is no need to worry about your Chinese language skills. However, it can't hurt to learn about Hong Kong’s culture and social etiquette beforehand. 

Institutions of Higher Education

There are 13 institutions of higher education and universities in Hong Kong which are allowed to award academic degrees. The following eight of these schools are universities funded publicly by the so-called University Grants Committee (UGC). The UGC is a non-statutory advisory committee which supports the government on matters concerning both funding and development of universities in Hong Kong.

All in all, about one third of all students in Hong Kong receive some kind of undergraduate education. In addition to the universities in Hong Kong financed by the UGC, there are 4 self-financing academic institutions that offer higher education:

Other Degrees and Courses

Moreover, there are a number of locally-accredited institutions and universities in Hong Kong offering sub-degree courses such as associate degrees and higher diplomas. You can find more information on these courses by browsing the Information Portal for Accredited Post-Secondary Programs provided by the Hong Kong government.

There are also a great variety of distance-learning classes and other courses offering non-local qualifications. To create a better overview of the numerous courses popping up everywhere and to maintain certain quality standards, the Hong Kong Education Bureau requires all providers of such non-local courses to file an official registration. The Education Bureau keeps an up-to-date list of registered non-local courses that fulfill the government’s requirements.


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