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Moving in Hong Kong: How to Relocate

When you have found a new place to rent or buy, you need to start planning how to go about moving in Hong Kong. The process can take quite some effort and planning on your side. While you are packing boxes and getting ready for moving in Hong Kong, you need to ask yourself a number of questions!
Moving into a new apartment in Hong Kong takes some preparation.

These questions include, but are not limited to: what to do about utilities and your mail, whom to report your new address to and how to moving your belongings from one place in Hong Kong to another will work best.

To make moving in Hong Kong less of a hassle for you, you might want to compile a personal to-do-list to ensure that you will not forget to organize anything important before moving. But keep in mind that, depending on your individual situation, some details of the process of moving in Hong Kong may need a few days of prior notice or some time to prepare. It is important that you take this time for yourself - make sure that everything is in place when you are getting your belongings ready for moving in Hong Kong.

Moving in Hong Kong: Termination of Lease

Before you can think about moving in Hong Kong, you need to talk to your landlord and find out more about the details the termination of your lease might involve. Usually a tenancy ends when its term expires. Most leases in Hong Kong are short-time and can therefore be terminated easily. There is no need for a termination notice if you intend to move at the end of your lease.

You and your landlord can also terminate your tenancy early with a mutual agreement. Have a look at your lease and try to find out which rules apply in your situation. Talk to your landlord and find out if you can terminate the lease early if the expiry date is still too far away.

Moving in Hong Kong: Change of Address

When you decide on moving in Hong Kong and your address changes, you need to inform several government agencies and departments. You can do so by downloading the appropriate form from the homepage of the Immigration Department, or simply pick up the necessary forms at one of their offices. Send it via email, regular mail or fax to the Commissioner of registration.

It is also important to inform the government of your change of address. The government of Hong Kong offers a simple Change of Address Service for these purposes, which allows you to inform many different government agencies at once before moving in Hong Kong, saving you a lot of time. However, prepare for your request to take up to 14 working days to be processed. Try to find out which departments are not automatically informed of your move and contact them one by one.

Moving in Hong Kong: Utilities, Telephone and Mail

It is important to contact your phone provider and utility companies and inform them of your move well ahead of time. Each of them may need a different amount of time to process your request, so make sure to contact them soon and enquire about the procedure for changing your address. The companies you should not fail to inform before moving in Hong Kong include the following:

  • Water Authorities: Contact them 14 days prior to your move. You will receive their last bill for your old home within three working days after the last meter reading.
  • Gas Company: You should be able to transfer your account to your new address. This usually requires at least 2 working days and a visit by a technician for a final meter reading.
  • Electricity Provider: The process can vary depending on the company you use. Contact your provider directly for more information.


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