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Relocating in Hong Kong: Final To-Dos

So you have found a new place to stay and have taken care of all matters related to your former home? Congratulations, you are all but ready to relocate within Hong Kong. In this article, you’ll find an overview of the last steps to be taken before you can settle into your new apartment or house.
After you have moved your belongings, it is time to take care of a few administrative steps.

In addition to everything we have covered in our article on moving in Hong Kong, you will have to take care of a number of other changes.

Don’t forget to contact your telephone and internet provider to find out how they handle a change of address. Some providers allow you to keep your phone number if you move within Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Post offers a redirection service for the duration of three months which can be extended for another full year. You need to give the post office at least five working days of prior notice and pay a fee of HKD 125. You have to fill in a form (a printable version of which can be found on the Hongkong Post website) to get the process started. You as well as all of your family members over the age of 11 who will personally be affected by this service need to sign the application. You also need to provide the Hong Kong ID number or that of a valid international passport for each person.

You can submit the required paperwork at a local post office or via mail. If you send the documents in by mail, remember to attach the necessary copies of passports or Hong Kong IDs as well as proof of the former address. This could be, for example, a utility bill from the last or current month.

The Moving Process

There are different moving companies which will take care of moving your big household goods and smaller items to your new home. If you do not own too many things and are merely looking for a guy with a van who can help you transport your belongings, such services are also easily available. As in other countries, you have many moving options to choose from. The prices and quality of service vary.

Not all moving companies have employees who speak English. Smaller companies or individual people who offer moving services may not understand English. If you do not speak or understand Cantonese, try to find a friend who speaks Cantonese and is willing to help you negotiate the terms of services. Alternatively, try to use our expat network to find out which companies and providers other expats recommend.

Other Necessary Changes

If you hold a Hong Kong driver’s license, you will need to contact your nearest licensing office and inform the Commissioner for Transport of your change of address. This is required by law. If you fail to inform the authorities of your change of address within 72 hours of your move, you will have to pay a fine.

If you have an insurance policy that covers furniture, household goods, and other contents of your home, this kind of insurance can usually also be applied to your new home. To transfer your insurance plan, you should contact your insurance company and submit the following information:

  • the moving date
  • your new address
  • the gross floor area of your new apartment
  • any changes in the contents of your household

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