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Hong Kong Postal Services

The range of postal services available in Hong Kong is as broad and sophisticated as you might have expected, covering everything you are looking for in terms of mailing, and even go well beyond that. We highlight the most important services below.
Hong Kong postal services are of excellent quality and reliability.

Sending Letters and Packages

Sending mail from one address within the city to another is priced fairly reasonably. A standard letter starts at a price of HKD 1.70, depending on its weight. A letter/parcel of up to 2kg will set you back some HKD 34. Shipment of parcels of up to 3kg from one part of Hong Kong to another will cost you HKD 55, and another HKD 11-12 for each additional kilo, right up to the maximum weight of 20 kilos.

International deliveries are another matter, of course. Here, you can choose between airmail and the cheaper, but far slower surface mail. The exact postage is determined by the category of your item (letters and postcards, small packets, or parcels), its exact weight (maximum weight varying from 10 to 30 kg), and its destination. If you send any packages overseas, you have to fill in a proper customs declaration listing the contents of your parcel. Of course, you can also buy additional insurance in case of damage or loss. You can find more information on international shipment on the Hongkong Post website.

Regardless of the destination or the quality of the Hongkong Post, there are certain items that you should never send by post: banknotes, coins, jewelry, gemstones, precious metals, and securities.

Extra Services

Apart from getting mail to and from Hong Kong, there are a number of other useful extra services available from your post office. For instance, you can pay extra for express delivery, set up a private P.O. Box, have all your mail redirected to your new address, or send important items via recorded delivery. You can find a complete list on this overview page.

The Hongkong Post also operates a high-speed courier service, both locally and internationally. Local courier post may be recommended when for the delivery of your urgent, important documents or items within the city of Hong Kong, the regular post does not quite cut it. The international Speedpost service directly competes with global players in the courier business, such as UPS, FedEx, TNT, or Parcelforce, all of which are present in Hong Kong as well. 

Last but not least, the post office can even be used for certain financial transactions. A number of Hong Kong government departments and local utility providers allow you to make selected payments to them via your neighborhood post office. The so-called PayThruPost service can serve, for example, to pay for your penalty tickets from the Hong Kong Police Department or your mobile phone bills from CSL. Moreover, you can send money via a postal remittance to Indonesia, Japan, mainland China, Nepal, and the Philippines. For financial transfers to other countries, the Hongkong Post cooperates with Western Union.

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