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The Hong Kong Post Office

Sending and receiving mail via the Hongkong Post is absolutely unproblematic, no matter whether you want to surprise your loved ones with an old-fashioned letter or if you need reliable access to international mail services for your new Hong Kong-based business.
A characteristic sight in many streets: the red letterboxes of the Hongkong Post.

All matters related to mail in Hong Kong are taken care of by the Hongkong Post, which is responsible not only for the usual postal services, such as emptying characteristic green post boxes, but also for large-scale logistics, courier post and handling certain individual payments to the Hong Kong government (Pay Thru Post). 95% of all local post that is mailed by 6 pm will arrive at its destination within the city of Hong Kong the next morning.

Availability of Hongkong Post Offices

Just like many other government services in Hong Kong, post offices generally strive to be accessible, provide a wealth of detailed, bilingual information in English and Cantonese, and show a customer-friendly attitude. This starts with their near-omnipresence - post offices can be found most everywhere.

There are dozens of branches of the Hongkong Post in most parts of the city, including Kowloon, the New Territories, and the offshore islands. They are usually open from Monday to Saturday, although some the bigger ones may be open for business on Sundays and public holidays as well. Not all of them offer every service (e.g. bulk mail acceptance, PO boxes, and philately for stamp collectors), but the central branches certainly do. The main branches are located in Central Hong Kong and on Kowloon.

You can look up the exact locations and business hours of all branches on the Hongkong Post website. If you would simply like to mail a letter, watch out for the typical green letter boxes with clearly marked slots for airmail deliveries to overseas destinations. If you need to frank your mail first, you might also find a stamp vending machine for pre-printed stamps or even a postage label vending machine or customizable labels nearby. Both are the same bright green as the letter boxes, making them easier to spot.

Even if you don’t have a branch in your neighborhood, you may still have access to a so-called Mobile Post Office: a small van that visits different parts of the city state for 15 to 30 minutes once a week, from Monday to Friday, so you don’t have to travel a great distance to send out your regular letters and international mail. However, there are certain restrictions to the services the two Mobile Post Offices can offer: For example, they only accept packages and parcels up to 10 kg. A print-friendly schedule of all Mobile Post Office locations throughout the week is available for download. 


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