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The Epoch Times

During your expat adventure in Hong Kong, one of the most important things is to keep up with the news from your new home country. After all, part of being an expat is fully being immersed in a new environment! Newspapers and other relevant media should be daily companions of any expat.

Based in New York, the Epoch Times is a member of the Epoch Media Group, comprising Epoch Times, Chinese Epoch Times and NTDTV, providing news reportage to 35 countries in 21 languages.

Core to the Epoch Times’ mission is helping decision-makers understand China. With well-placed sources and expert analysis, it strives to be the authority on China and has successfully predicted almost every major political development in China in recent years.


The English-language edition provides reporting on China with insight that is hard to find elsewhere. The Epoch Times also offers rich content on a broad range of topics including finance, culture, life, economics, health, science, and entertainment.

The Epoch Times has reported and will continue to report breaking news stories important to top business leaders and decision makers as well as the general public. For instance the Epoch Times reported the demise of security Czar, Zhou Yongkang and many of his close associates in 2012 much earlier than any other international or local media. People reading this information at an early stage of the coverage who understood the business connections involved then had a head start in revising their thoughts on business development and cooperation based on the news. Understanding what is happening and the key factors behind the news in China is essential to making informed investment and business decisions.

China is still open for business – the question is who are you doing business with? Only through understanding the power shifts inside China will you be able to successfully navigate this period of transition. Epoch Media Group aims to provide the critical information that one needs to make the best decisions related to the Chinese reality and to be well-positioned for future success in China


Epoch Times was started by a group of overseas Chinese academics in Georgia Tech in Atlanta, USA, who were concerned that it was not possible to gain access to open, truthful Chinese news in the international arena. Thus, the Epoch Times was born.

At the beginning in 2000, the newspaper was available solely in Chinese, but in 2004 the English edition of the Epoch Times was launched in New York. Since then, Epoch Times has developed into an international media group providing broad coverage of worldwide news events, with China news content still at its core.

English editions are published in major cities across the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Edition of the English edition was introduced in 2010.

Printed Newspaper (Hong Kong)

The Hong Kong English edition comes out each Thursday with main distribution points at many MTR exits in Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and Tsim Sha Tsui. It is available at leading bars and restaurants in Hong Kong and in outlying areas that have a high percentage of English speaking residents. The Chinese edition is printed 5-days per week (M to F) and has a broader distribution arrangement.

Epoch Times can also be purchased at selected newspaper outlets including Bookazine and is available on subscription.


The Epoch Times Chinese language website attracts more than 200 million page views per month. The English website has increased web traffic more than x10 over the last 18 month reaching 20 million page views per month.

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