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Employment Opportunities for Canadians (Houston)


I would love to bring my expertise to Houston and work for a few more years. Two minor issues, I am a Canadian Paralegal specializing in workers compensation and labor laws, have more than 30 years experience. native fluency in English and French, perfect spoken Arabic and Armenian. I am 60ish. have decent pension plans (Canadian), but have too much energy, intelligence, zest, personality to be put to pasture. Would love to work for a few more years or for as long as I am able and capable, I am physically and mentally more than capable; however, am not desperate but am tired of living in the cold and love the warm and friendly citizens and all who live in Houston and its vicinity. I also have friends here who like to party. Toronto has become a university town, it has become a faceless city with little compassion. If anyone is remotely interested, I will be more than happy to forward my CV. Thank you and a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday Season/ Happy New Year Protected content all

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