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Letter to Founders (Houston)


Malte Zeek, and Philipp von Plato, I'm suggesting that you stand behind your product like those who actually provide great services and products by changing your oppressive policy and offer members a 14 or 30 day money back guarantee so that nobody else that joins like I did and immediately realizes that they can get this on Facebook for free, and don't want it so our money is wasted and we lose all interest. You all are banking on this happening which is why you automatically renew our membership and refuse to give us refunds even if members contact you once they see you've automatically deducted our money from our bank accounts. It would be one thing if I asked months after you charged me, but I contacted your membership support as soon as it was posted to my account. What you all are doing is fundamentally wrong, but, if you're the Trump type of businessman who doesn't care about members satisfaction you now have my undivided attention and I will continue to seek to get members to make sure they don't make the mistake I did and make them aware of your terrible policies that are a detriment to those that keep you in business. Once you know that a member is dissatisfied you should refund us our money. That's what good business people do. I have worked as a public servant providing customer service in one capacity or another for 32 years and never had one complaint. You'll stay around a long time if you treat people right, and you're not treating me right. You'll learn the hard way that angering those that took a chance on you and making them feel taken advantage of is a recipe for disaster. At the end of the day, everyone that has paid your salary should be treated as such and not the other way around. You and the other administrators have treated me as though you're paying me and I work for you. Mark my words, this organization will not continue to thrive hoarding members money no matter what and at all costs.

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