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Tips and opinions (Houston)


Hello Everybody,

My name is Mariana, I'm a brazilian student of International relations, and I'm graduating in June/2014. Thus, I am seeking an opportunity for an internship in my field of study, preferably in Houston, TX. Maybe, if I could not find nothing as an internship, I would seek for an opportunity to start a specialization in my field of study. As I am finishing my career soon, I'm looking for all necessary information I can get, and also, applying to opportunities that may appear.

However, I do not have a work permit, so I would need to require a sponsorship for an H1B visa. I have friends who did it, it was not very difficult, and they are presently working in the US, some in Texas, others in Seattle.

I would like to know opinions, tips, and ideas from some people - maybe some brazilian presently living and working in Houston TX - to help me, and give me ideas on how to work better on it. The internship is the main goal for me, nowadays, and I appreciate any kind of help.

If you have opening positions, or if you know something about it, please feel free to help as well. I really liked the website, and I think this could be a great help for me.


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