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V.I.E in the United States (Houston)

French International Postgraduate Internship Program

The V.I.E Program enables French companies to send a young
person between 18 and 28 years of age on an assignment
abroad for a flexible period ranging from 6 to 24 months,
which can be renewed once within the 24 month limit*.
It is open to French candidates, of all educational backgrounds,
as well as to people from the European Economic Area.
It appeals to strongly motivated young people: recent
graduates, generally with some work experience or wishing to
take a ‘gap year’ from college.

V.I.E in the United States

V.I.Es coming to the U.S. must be eligible for a J-1 visa in
the ‘intern’ or ‘trainee‘ category.

He/she receives a fixed living allowance (paid by UBIFRANCE
in Euros into a bank account in France) which varies according
to the U.S. city in which the assignment is carried out, and is not
subject to taxes in France.

The V.I.E candidate benefits from comprehensive medical
insurance contracted for the company by UBIFRANCE.

UBIFRANCE promotes the V.I.E through institutions
for higher education (Business & Engineering Schools,
Universities, etc.) and youth career orientation centers and
maintains a database of candidates.

For more information, contact me
Maria Bolanos
Ubifrance - Houston

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