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Want to meet other expats in Iran?

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Claude Maurin

Living in Iran, from France

"The information I found via InterNations has made the move to Tehran much easier than expected. "

Jessica Johnson-Hanevolt

Living in Iran, from USA

"InterNations has provided me with an extensive network of expats in Tehran."

InterNations - a community of trust

InterNations - a trusted Network & Guide for Expats in Iran

  • Join our community and get to know members of Iran’s vibrant expat community
  • Receive reliable information and exchange insider tips about the Iranian expat living
  • Meet fellow expatriates at top InterNations events in Tehran, Mashad and many other regions

Mingle with the international community at InterNations Iran Events

Are you looking to meet other internationals in Iran? Are you interested in activities and get-togethers to get in touch with Iran’s expatriate community?

Our InterNations Events provide a friendly setting for our members in Iran to get to know one another in a high-class, but relaxed environment - from Isfahan to Mashad. Whether you are interested to take a cultural excursion to visit ecotourist-friendly Qeshm Island together with fellow expatriates in Iran, if you’re up for international mingling in Tehran’s top bars, or if you are an expat woman looking to meet other spouses at regular “women-only” gatherings: InterNations surely offers events and activities of interest for you.

Iran Expat Meet-ups & Expat Get-Togethers

InterNations Event

At Wooden Road Food ...


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InterNations Event

At Tajrish Sq


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InterNations Event

At No 12, Pooladvand...


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InterNations Events around the World

At Gammel Strand 42


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At 22 Mosque Street,...


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At AZ1095 Azerbaijan...


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At Pas de Sota Mural...


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At 24 Abdel Aziz Fah...


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InterNations Iran Events let you meet the world

Over 100,000 expats from Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia, Switzerland and various countries from all over the world have been our guests at InterNations Events. In our Iran community, the events are arranged and held by our local InterNations Ambassadors, e.g. masoud Bayat and Eva Witte in Tehran.

When attending our events, you will always notice a musical blend of languages from Spanish and Russian to Dutch, representing the great international mix of our members in Iran: Tehran’s international journalists and ambassadorial employees, expatriates from non-governmental organizations, international representatives in Iran’s petro sector, and, of course, their partners.

Would you like to join our Iranian expatriate community? Our InterNations Ambassadors in Iran would be glad to extend a warm As-salām 'alaykum and welcome you in our InterNations Iran community.