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A Condemnation of Balans Brau - Taksim (Istanbul)


Dear InterNations - Istanbul community,

I wanted to share with you the experience of my friend concerning Balans Brau in Taksim. To state what happened briefly, the management there commissioned him to do a job for them. After he completed the job they strung him along for weeks regarding payment. Finally, they told him that they had gotten someone else to do the work, and they weren't going to give him any money for what he had done. They didn't even have the courtesy to call him and tell him this, so he learned after he went to Balans on the day they had told him to come to finally receive his money.

I know this sort of thing is probably common in the business world. I also know that none of this affects whether or not it is entertaining/successful as a club/restaurant. But I wanted to share the experience, and say that I for one will never set foot in the club again.


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